We facilitate opportunities between local artists and local businesses in Boston.


Who are WE?

We are a team of "creatives" who is each well connected to one particular community (i.e. music, photography, poetry, etc.) in the Boston art scene. We work together to curate interdisciplinary creative teams.



November 2017 via. Instagram


Local businesses need artists to create marketing materials to grow their businesses but often don't know where to find them. Local artists, particularly those that are just starting out, are always looking for work.

The Boston Creative Collective aims to connect these two groups, promoting artistic opportunities for early-career creatives while also promoting local businesses.

Our growing network of 300+ creatives includes photographers, graphic designers, videographers, musicians, composers, models, stylists, art directors, and just about any other "artsy" job you could think of.

Whether you need a single artist or an entire creative team, we can work with you to make it happen.