Our Team

These are the people currently working to organize the collective.
If you're interested in getting involved with the organizing team, reach out to us here.

Photo by  Don Tibere   (IG @donsphotoartphy)

Photo by Don Tibere (IG @donsphotoartphy)


FOUNDER & C.E.O. // Lead Project Manager

Lindsey Michelle (she, her, hers) is a high-energy extrovert from Jersey with a passion for poetrydigital visual arts, and making a little bit too much noise. She thrives on the energy of others and loves to help rising artists build their personal brands.

She spends every Wednesday at the Boston Poetry Slam where she usually writes about gender, femininity, and disability advocacy. She currently works as a neuroscience research technician at MIT and as freelance photographer and graphic designer.  She is the art coordinator for ScholarJet.


Photo by  Matthew Chow  (IG @emseehow)

Photo by Matthew Chow (IG @emseehow)


C.O.O. (THE TEAM'S "LEFT BRAIN") //  video team Manager

Ike Zhang (he, him, his) is a passionate pragmatic optimist from Toronto, Canada. Graduated from Amherst College in 2016, he spends his day job as a management consultant for EY-Parthenon. Ike is an executive committee member of Minds Matter Boston, a screen and stage actor, a producer, and an amateur film critic. He is also the founder of Toronto American Scholars, a mentorship program for low income first generation immigrants. In his free time, Ike is usually hunting down the best Chinese restaurants in Boston or testing his own personal tolerance for spice.


Self portrait by  Fredo Darling

Self portrait by Fredo Darling


Director of Artist development

Fredo Darling (He, Him, His) believes the only content worth spreading is that which inspires others. Whether celebrating an achievement, showcasing a personality, or sharing a story, he works tirelessly for both global and local brands to create award-winning content that is both positive and meaningful.

In addition to his freelance photography in Boston and creative direction at BMW, he recently launched a small online magazine devoted to the human side of S.T.E.M.

Just some of the amazing teams Fredo has worked with include: The New England Patriots, MIT, Microsoft, Boston College, Marvel, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Infiniti, Toyota, and Boston Globe Magazine.





C.M.O & Social Media ManagR

Taryn Gilligan (she, her, hers) is a creative entrepreneur, abstract painter, and INFJ hailing from the heart of Boston. With a passion for storytelling, self-expression, and helping others, she leveraged her background in design and writing, to find her strength in marketing.

After spending years documenting her struggles and triumphs through physical adversities, she saw firsthand how impactful transparency and sharing our unique personal experiences are for connecting and helping others. Going from blog, to brand, to business, she became a digital marketing and business development consultant to help others find their voice and their “why”, allowing them to better impact and serve their clients in a more efficient and authentic way.





Evan Jymaal Cutts (he, him, his) is a 23-year-old Boston native, poet, journalist, and writing workshop facilitator. Evan was a member of the Emerson College 2017 CUPSI Team and 2017 National Poetry Slam “Last Chance Slam” Team. He puts his faith in Black joy, his mother and father, and the power of imagination. His poetry navigates expressions of Blackness, Boston, narrative, and magic. His poetry is published in Broken Head PressApogee JournalVoicemail PoemsMaps for Teeth, and The Merrimack Review


Matt Headshot.jpg


Producer & Project Coordinator

Matt (he, him, his) is a Boston-based filmmaker/photographer dedicated to inspiring people through storytelling and cultural exploration. In early 2016, he launched his YouTube channel (Break Your Boundaries), which focused on travel films. Shortly after this, he moved to Korea to teach English. After teaching for a year and backpacking Asia, he returned home. He then founded BYB Visual Media, and now he's focused on building a team of creative entrepreneurs around him.


Photo by  Lindsey Michelle   ( IG @lensymichelle)

Photo by Lindsey Michelle ( IG @lensymichelle)


Music Team manager // Networking & OutReach

Jake Sierzega (he, him, his) is a young and eclectic musicianwriter, and poet from prison city (Joliet), Illinois. He now lives in Boston, MA working as a freelancer after attending Berklee College of Music and spending years with the fiery local alt-rock band, Dreamer & Son. He likes to describe himself as "a starving artist with a strict bed time." Jake is available at all times of day and night to talk modelingmusicsocial media management, and all things Stephen King.



Lead photographer // PROJECT COORDINATOR

Sydney Claire Altschuler (she, her, hers) is a Boston-based editorial photographer, originally from small-town Connecticut. She prides herself in creating innovative, out-of-the-box editorial work, and spends most of her time making photos. She has been photographing since the age of nine and lives and breathes the art of photography. Sydney graduated from Lesley University College of Art and Design in May of 2017 with a degree in Photography and Design. Her best trait is her outgoing and ballsy personality; she's an artist with a vision and a voice. She is currently the social media manager for BMW New England.




These are the roles we are actively looking to fill. But if you have another idea about where you could fit in the team, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Organizing Team Positions

  • Events coordinator* (5-10 hours/week; Responsible for organizing 1+ event each month) *
  • Client Acquisition** (10+ hours/week) 

Artist Positions

  • Web developers** (front- and back-end)
  • UI/UX Designers**
  • Social media influencers
  • Bloggers to interview local artists and write stories about local art events

* Paid percentage of event revenue
** Paid per project completed or acquired