"The next generation of creative agency."

By connecting local artists to local businesses and other professional development resources, we are able to provide a much needed creative resource to the local business community while simultaneously offering professional development experiences other services to help artists grow their careers.

For the client, this means smooth sailing, and a professional experience with a super-talented art team. And for the artist, this means access to professional opportunities that might have never before been in your network.

Our partners & clients have included:


What makes us different?

Most media production agencies focus on providing jobs for only the most established artists with only the most established clients. We flip the system. We aim to be radically accessible to both our artists and clients at all stages of growth. By taking on projects of all sizes (from local brands to industry giants), we are able to find work for artists at all stages of their careers.

We also focus on artist development. We help our artists with everything from contract negotiation and creating a marketing strategy to managing clients the ins-and-outs of licensing.

How does it work?

We find local businesses in need of creative services and then work with them to create a “creative brief.” Then, we send our artists “requests for proposal” (RFP). If an artists is interested in the job, they submit their “bid” to the project, which includes their ideas, work samples, rates, and contract. Finally, if the client is interested in working with an artist who submits, we make the connection!

Artists can also take advantage of the resources we offer BEYOND connection to their next project. We can help artists with everything from portfolio review and contract negotiation to partnering them with a professinoal mentor who's already working full-time in the arts.

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