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Current Partners

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We are excited that you’re interested in partnering with us!

Most often, our Partners provide their products or services* (clothing, accessories, props, or another service) in exchange for promotional materials produced by artists in The Collective’s CORE art team. We require that for every item an artist borrows or receives the Partner receive at least one photograph, video shot, etc. of that item.

We are also happy to partner with companies/organizations in exchange for mutual advertising on both platforms or an equal exchange of services.

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* Please note that Partnerships are NOT "free advertising." We partner with companies that consistently offer a product or service that is of value to our artists, such as access to studio space, production equipment, or clothing items used to style a model/actor. The Partner is NOT guaranteed any say in how a product is photographed or utilized by our artists but DOES retain the right to approve photos, videos, etc. containing their product before any online publication.